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Dr. James Westwater— photographic artist, photochoreographer, author, and earth guardian—is a two time National Endowment for the Arts Resident Artist, a National Science Foundation Artist in the Antarctic, the Chevron Symphony Concert Artist, a recipient of the Antarctic Medal and a member of The Explorers Club. He invented the art form of symphonic photochoreography — giant screen, multi-image photographic essays choreographed to the performance of symphonic music. During a 40 plus year career he performed his photochoreography with close to 200 symphony orchestras in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Westwater performed with The Cleveland Orchestra, The Toronto Symphony, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, The National Symphony Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the major symphony orchestras of Saint Louis, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Vancouver BC, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Houston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Rochester, Denver, Phoenix and Tucson, plus the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and well over a hundred other symphony and chamber orchestras.

Dr. Westwater served as the Chevron Concert Artist for eight years performing his pieces with orchestras, and authored an award winning book of photography.  He now devotes energy to photographing and sharing the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth and leading an environmental organization helping to conserve and protect her.


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the art form created by James Westwater.

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